The benefits of tea have been studied for many years and some believe that it is a key to good health. For starters, it is a great alternative to coffee as it has less caffeine and usually requires a reduced amount of added sugar. Here are some additional health benefits from drinking hot tea.

“The natural compounds in tea may help with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and it supports weight loss,” says Rachel Lander-Canseco, PIH Health clinical dietitian. “Drinking at least one cup of tea a day can enhance the tactics we are already implementing to improve our health.”

  1. Improved eye health. The antioxidants in green and white tea can help prevent serious eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma. You may see an improvement in your eye health by sipping hot tea.
  2. Lowered risk of stroke. The chemical compounds found in black and green tea help support the vascular system. Researchers have found that drinking tea at least three times a day can lower your risk of a stroke by 21 percent.
  3. Better digestion. Tea is a good natural remedy to improve digestive health and can help alleviate other digestive symptoms. The tannin in tea acts as a digestive acid and is an effective treatment for indigestion, gas and constipation. For more information on digestive tests and treatments, visit Digestive Health Services.
  4. Sharpens your memory. Studies have shown that green and black tea may boost cognitive functioning. Drinking hot tea regularly can help strengthen your memory and keep it in tip-top shape.
  5. Controls stress and anxiety. Hot tea naturally has calming effects that curb stress and anxiety. Sit down and relax while enjoying a hot cup of tea and discover its stress-reducing benefits.

Bundle up this winter with a hot cup of tea. Whether you’re looking for a drink to calm a sore throat, or looking for a bit of caffeine to start your day, tea can be a great new component to incorporate into your daily diet.