January is National Hot Tea Month

Back in June, I previously spoke of National Iced Tea Month where iced tea is celebrated and appreciated for the whole month. It’s January now and the weather has gotten cold, and coincidentally, it’s National Hot Tea Month! It’s never been a better time to enjoy hot tea. Many are making New Year’s resolutions, where people cut back on drinks like soda, coffee, and even alcohol to take up cups of tea. It’s something different, more fresh and natural.

While most Americans drink their tea iced, hot tea consumption is beginning to gain popularity in the US. Many thought tea was just the plain black tea bags in the boxes in the supermarkets until more brands and types began to fill the shelves. The discovery of more brews and blends opened Americans to the teas of the world, such as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India, Kenya, and China. We never knew what we were missing until we tasted teas like chai, white tea, darjeeling and many others.

But is not just the supermarket that is boasting hot teas. More and more tea shops and cafes are popping up all over the place in the US. They serve not just iced tea, but they carry a wide variety of these worldly hot teas. But what if you can’t make it to a tea shop or you just prefer to make it at home? That’s where the world wide web comes in. You can get delicious tea delivered to your doorstep and at a great price!

Here at English Tea Store, we’re all about tea. We run a special each month with our teas of the month. For 30 days at 15% off, our great tasting teas (and a few other items like honey go on special so everyone can try our teas at a good price and possibly find a new favorite! One of my personal favorites which happens to be one of the teas of the month is the Buckingham Palace Garden Party. It is a blend of black teas from China, Kenya, India, and Sri Lanka and has a blend of cornflowers which is believed by the Chinese to help aid digestion and strengthen the body. Medium bodied with Earl Grey and some Jasmine Notes. Try it with milk along with some cookies or cake!

Not into black tea or trying to cut back on caffeine? You’re in luck with our camomile tea which is also another tea of the month for January 2016. It’s perfect at nighttime for a calming drink to help soothe you to sleep.

How are you celebrating National Hot Tea Month? Do you have a tea you like to enjoy hot?

Did you know? 2016 is the first year National Hot Tea Month is being celebrated? How cool is that?!

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