Contract Membership


Auto Repay Contract (Annual) $100/month

Free birthday gift
50% off all in store items
25% off all online items
Monthly newsletter
Exclusive events
Exclusive offers
Catering offered
& so much more

Membership Agreement

This membership agreement is entered into by our organization name (Kusherland Holistic Healing), and member name (First, Last) and comes into effect the date of the paid membership.
1. As of part of the membership with VIP, the members will receive the following benefits :
Members only VIP card digital or physical 
* Tshirt 
* Free birthday gift 
* 50% off all in store items 
* 25% off all online items 
* Monthly newsletter 
* Exclusive events 
* Exclusive offers 
* Catering offered 
& so much more 
2. Membership Dues are monthly auto debited on the 5th of every month. Failure to pay will result in cancellation re enrollment will incur a $25 fee. Acceptable payment methods only are credit or debit cards prepay only no cash or checks must sign 1 year membership agreement, starting the date paid, and renews every April 20th. This is a monthly annual subscription service for frequent members who want to benefit in exclusive offers and educational materials. The Annual Membership Subscription will renew on 4/20 (April 20th) of every year, for exclusive members only deals!

3. Restrictions 
The member agrees that they will not:
* Share login information 
* Post inappropriate offensive members only inform discussions or content 
* Scam, take pictures or videos inside or of company products

4. Liability 
The member will not hold the organization liable for any tangible or intangible damages that may occur unwilling to them while participating in the membership.