Recalibrating Our Energy with Crystals

Everything is Energy and thats all there is to it. This is not Philosophy. This is Physics”

Albert Einstein

Energetically its defintely been an interesting year. Fearfulness, worry and our life’s balance has gone out the window. Imbalances of energy whether intentional or not – cause unrest in the physical as well as the ether/etheric, whether subconsciously or not. At this time in particular many people have been drawn to or back to the crystalline gifts from the earth to re calibrate their energy.

Each one of us has a universal vibration – some higher and some lower. Whatever vibration we resonate at it is very unstable and very easily influenced. It changes constantly – whether its from exposure to other people, the weather, bad /good news, memories, trauma etc.

Crystals however have a super stable energy frequency or what we call a dominate oscillatory rate that doesn’t usually change .Unless physically dropping to will throw it temporarily out of sequencer high frequency sound vibrations are also know to do this. With crystals this is  only temporary as they WILL naturally reset themselves over time.

They are super stable because they are made from a fixed repeating geometric pattern of molecules. This is how they maintain perfect stability – unlike us we are all over the place!

There is science behind the spiritual!

THE best crystal to my mind to recalibrate with is CLEAR QUARTZ –

I believe its a stone we CAN NOT do without. Its no accident the ancient Lemurian and Atlantians harnessed its power- these high vibrational positive energy amplifiers.

My absolute favourite can’t do without ESSENTIAL crystal for raising my vibration and wellbeing. The higher our vibration the less likely it is for dis-ease to occur.

Clear Quartz moves us molecularly into resonance and balance. With proven piezoelectric properties, this is my pick for the purest and strongest vibration to work with. Our physical structure/body in part is made up of the same silicon that clear quartz is made from- so doesn’t it make sense that we should resonate on a cellular level with clear quartz?

Every physical form of this crystal works in a different way energetically- whether it be a cluster thats energy torus expands to our surroundings and throws out its vibrations in a large radius, a vogel point that has been cut to frequency, or a natural formation with keys, etchings and windows . Each piece  has a slightly different vibration and interestingly enough its what you are attracted to which is usually the energetic prescription you subconsciously didn’t know you needed.

Personally I am not a fan of researching “what you need” in the form of a crystal to work with. Our intuition is so much stronger than what our thought pattern “believes” we should have or need. Its much more enlightening to choose our crystal , note how it makes you feel and then research its properties. Its no accident you have chosen a natural point with a window, twin formation or key. These are messages from the crystal of information they are wishing to impart and you to work with.

Where thought goes energy flows

Using our crystals to amplify positive thoughts and intentions maximises their ‘healing’ qualities and abilities. Crystals work best when they are not left work on their own, for the maximum benefit use them to amplify your intentions.

This can be:

  • creating a crystal grid/mandala for a specific intention
  • meditation
  • creating gem elixirs
  • or crystal body layouts.

Integrating the crystals into everyday life does not need to be a science- you do not need to be an expert. It can be as simple as carrying a piece with you. If there is anything you take from this- its that we should use our intuition to choose our crystals, if you are wishing to raise your vibration clear quartz is an absolute must in your crystal arsenal.

Wishing you crystal blessings


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