The earth is abundant with all its many natural resources. Because the earth is where our bodies come from, it is for that very reason We are crystalline beings, oh and also carbon base beings. Not to mention we are also a replica of the universe. All the natural resource here on earth, I would like to think it is rightfully ours. After all the earth is our birthright.

We live by the land & our bodies will return to it. But let me go back to that statement “we live by the land”. Meaning all the earth resources that are here is for us to use as tools to help crystallize our body’s.

For example, The foliage, preferably for me raw vegetables, We use it to get vital nutritional vitamins and minerals that serve the body. Let alone the information we receive from the food through photosynthesis from the sun. And in this process, we are downloading information from the sun and earth. This is one way of turning our bodies into crystalline beings, on a very small scale tho. It’s not much at all. The reason why is because the vegetable is carbon base food.

But wait we have more tools… Crystals. That’s right Crystals, are a lot of people’s favourite tools. Why Crystals? The reason why is because they are amplifiers. Crystals are awesome tools to use to amplify our (crystallize bodies). You got it. So what does the crystal amplify? Easy… our (Merkaba). I’m not really going to get into what it is in this blog. Check my other blog for that.

Look at it this way. Think of crystals as jump starters, antennas or satellites. if you will, because of crystallize patterns of the crystals it is able to merge with our (Merkaba) or EMF and help to expand it. In simple terms, the bigger our magnetic field the easier it will be to download in & out-formation from the spiritual realms and different dimensions. Crystal stones are great conductors to connect to different dimensions.

If the (crystal city) is on the way back why not use the tools that Mother Earth has for us. The more tools we have in our belts the more suitable we would be to continue to work as lightworkers. After all crystals & gemstones are Jewels of the crown from Mother Earth’s creation.